White Collar Financial Abuse

One of, if not the worst cases of white-collar, financial elder abuse in American History, committed by attorneys, through court-sanctioned activity.

The Mansdorf conspiracy, involves one of, if not the most sophisticated white collar crime syndicates operating out of Los Angeles, California. It is comprised of a former government operative, (Wallace Patrick Moriarty), judges, lawyers and real estate professionals, whose actions, no matter how obvious illegal, remain unseen, (or at least, uninvestigated and unprosecuted), by all authorities; “Lawyers stealing from regular people, using their judge-friends and the system to make their blatantly illegal actions APPEAR to be legal.”

The Mansdorf Family amassed a fortune through aeronautical, other business and modern day tradesman activities. American Heroes Lee Mansdorf, (who developed the Pregnant Guppy with John Michael “Jack” Conroy to help America get to the moon before Russia) and Harry Mansdorf, (two-time Purple Heart recipient in WWII), were two of four elders, all with no children, holding two generations of wealth in their Family Trust, totaling billions in assets today. This includes almost 2,000 acres of land in Malibu, California, with 3 lineal miles of beach front property; 1,000+ acres in La Tuna Canyon, California; 1,000 acres in Glendale, California, $100 million in various stocks, a mansion on over an acre of land in Beverly Hills and either 75,000 acres or 750,000 acres of land in Venezuela – records are still being reviewed.

This White Collar Crime Syndicate dragged the Mansdorfs and their family trust assets through complex real estate schemes, several bankruptcy cases, and at least a dozen civil cases in a vicious, relentless, unyielding attack to steal the entire Mansdorf fortune between 1976 and today. Jaime DeJesus Gonzalez has been in this fight for ten years, and was appointed Trustee of the Mansdorf Family Revocable Trust by the late Harry Mansdorf in 2012.

A total of 9 separate civil cases are pending right now, in addition to a petition for writ of mandate to the Court of Appeals and one Petition for Review to the Supreme Court. Numerous additional civil complaints will be filed in the next few months, along with petitions under Probate Code section 850 for the return of trust property, and potentially damages under Probate Code section 859. Several other lawsuits require filing, including a 42 U.S.C. § 1983 in Federal Court.

The Mansdorf family is seeking assistance from the Community at large. Why? Simply put, these issues speak of a larger, more insidious subterfuge underlying our common, everyday society in this Country: the unconscionable, outright and “legalized” theft of our time, money, assets, children, sanity by “the Court System,” and the lawyers, attorneys, judges and “professionals” running the show.

A $12 million dollar default judgment with $10 million in punitive damages is literally based upon an unrecorded, forged deed. It was taken against Mildred Mansdorf (who died under suspicious circumstances three weeks prior to the claimed “sub-service” of the complaint), and against Harry Mansdorf, (86 years old at the time of default). They then used this fraudulent DEFAULT judgment to force a sheriff’s sale of the Beverly Hills home for $4,581,000 – a property worth at least $9 million. “They” in this case is Attorneys Thomas Cacciatore and Timothy Sottile, with a little help of their friend Attorney David Marcus, married to a LA Superior Court Judge, and of course a few members of the LA Superior Court judiciary. Mr. Sottile and Cacciatore are both long-time members of the Italian American Lawyers Association. It is strongly believed Cacciatore, Sottile and Marcus kept most if not all of that money.

Each California County has an Adult Protective Services (APS) agency to help elder adults (65 years and older) and dependent adults (18-64 who are disabled), when these adults are unable to meet their own needs, or are victims of abuse, neglect or exploitation. County APS agencies investigate reports of abuse of elders, and report to the Local Police Agency. So, these matters were officially reported to Barbara Kruger of the Los Angeles County Adult Protective Services Unit.

Ms. Kruger accepted the complaint and immediately determined there was enough information to refer the McClanahan matter to “officially” for criminal investigation by the Beverly Hills Police Department. The Police kicked it around for almost two months, and then refused to take a position or do anything to help, claiming “no jurisdiction.”

Since the police will not investigate, there is nothing else Adult Protective Services can do. Ms. Kruger suggested contacting the State Attorney General’s Office, and subpoenaing the Adult Protective Services file from Ms. Kruger’s Office to give the AG.

Same issue with the Ventura Special Prosecution Unit include: refusal to prosecute.

August 7, 2009, Mr. Mansdorf’s former attorney, John C. Torjesen was quoted in the Los Angeles times as stating, “Something is wrong when a man in his 80s is worth millions of dollars in 2003 and then in 2006 doesn’t have anything to his name, is living off his World War II pension and looking for 99-cent tacos,” he said. “If there’s that much change in wealth, there has to be a reason for it.”

Attorney Torjesen then sued his former client, Mr. Mansdorf, both individually and in his capacity as trustee of his family trust to obtain the Malibu property.

April 23, 2013, Mr. Mansdorf’s surviving wife, Linda Mansdorf was previously quoted in the Los Cerritos Valley Newspaper: “It is Mr. Torjesen who is the perpetrator of elder abuse”.

Attorney John C. Torjesen and his lawyer Christopher Barnes of Mancini & Associates, (Italian) then ignored Probate Law, sought a writ of execution and levy after Mr. Mansdorf’s death, moved to sell the deceased Mr. Mansdorf’s interest in 1,291 acres in Malibu using Assessor’s Parcel Numbers as the legal description (to chill the public’s right to bid – no one buys at a sale of real property with no legal descriptions advertised or even available from the Sheriff, because legal descriptions are required, at the least to record the deed!)

Then Attorney Howard Weinberg, (self-proclaimed real estate law “expert”), forged the sheriff’s deed by adding seven pages of legal descriptions from his private Preliminary Title Report to make the deed “recordable”. This after Weinberg and Torjesen “fixed” the price of the Sheriff’s Sale at $500,000. That’s right, $500,000 for 1,291 acres in Malibu.

The sheriff’s deed is based upon a levy after death, the issued deed lacked a single legal description, and Attorney Howard Weinberg literally added seven pages of legal descriptions from his private title report to the 3-page sheriff’s deed he was “officially” issued, recorded the forged deed with his added legal descriptions, and is now attempting to quiet title to the property with that forged deed through counsel, John Antoni and Kevin Tredway of the firm Antoni Albus, LLP, (Italian).

The Ventura County Special Prosecution Unit’s “official” determination: no one has any fraudulent intent with what they are doing.

Several Declarations requesting criminal investigation into these felony crimes are being finalized. Contacting the State Attorney General’s Office and giving them all the documents is exactly what will be done. However, we will do Ms. Kruger one better. The declarations will be exposed publicly to the New York Times, LA Times, Toronto Star (in Canada), Associated Press (in London), BBC Worldwide (in France), the FBI and Justice Department (in Washington, D.C.), and other State and Federal official agencies to receive empowered help. These criminals masquerading as “judges, lawyers, real estate professionals and State officials” must be stopped. As quoted by Jaime Gonzalez, “this is how ‘they’ do what it is that ‘they’ do.”

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For more information contact:

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Trustee of the Mansdorf Family Revocable Trust, dated August 31, 1967

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