The Mansdorf Story

The Mansdorf conspiracy involves one of, if not the most sophisticated white collar crime syndicates operating out of Los Angeles. It is comprised of a former government operative, judges, lawyers and real estate professionals, whose actions, no matter how blatantly illegal, remain unseen, uninvestigated and unprosecuted by all authorities.

The Mansdorf Family amassed a fortune through aeronautical, other business, modern day tradesman ship.

Four elders . . . .no children . . . .
two generations of wealth held in a family trust:

Lee Mansdorf developed the Pregnant Guppy with Jack Conroy to thelp the United States reach the Moon first.

This is a COMPLETE overview of the individuals, entities, victims, crimes and actions taken:

  • Former Government Operative Moriarty masqueraded as Leon Brukman and tricked Lee into Transferring La Tuna and Malibu to a non-existent corporation, Del Rio Development, Inc.

  • Moriarty/Brukman took out 3 million in loans from 10 separate entities and a bank:

    Protective Equity Trust #92, 93, 94, 96, 97, 104 & 105; AFF Partnership #2816A & #2816B and Llyods Bank.

  • Moriarty (together with an attorney of Lee Mansdorf, Henry Bear), took out $1.75 million dollar loan with California Canadian Bank

  • Lee’s attorneys, Rufus Rhoades, Richard Moneymaker and Henry Bear convinced Lee to sue Moriarty/Brukman and also file Bankruptcy in the name of Del Rio.

  • The Bankruptcy cases lasted from 1982 to 1996, as did the Brukman case.

  • The PET companies foreclosed in the 80s – but the foreclosures were “void”.

  • California Canadian Bank reconveyed to the person or persons entitled thereto – Lee as Trustee.

  • The AFF companies foreclosed (and this was void as well), with Keith Card, (Richard Raymond Keith) the claimed Trustee’s Sale purchaser.

  • Keith Card transferred to Janice McClanahan, then Keith Card transferred the same property to Lee Mansdorf, who already owned it.

  • In 1996, Lee Mansdorf had massive heart attack.

  • Rufus V. Rhoades, Richard Percell and others restarted the operation run by Moriarty to take the La Tuna property.

  • General Securities Corporation, (Donald D. Hensel), reconveyed the most of the deeds to the PET companies.

  • Cal Trans reconveyed 009 to Lee Mansdorf’s cousin.

  • A multifaceted an multi-phase/part Escrow was run in 1996, orchestrated by Rufus Rhoades (the attorney from the Brukman and Bankruptcy cases), and Richard Percell, (an alleged land-entitlement specialist),  transferring a majority of the La Tuna property to an entity named Whitebird, Inc.

  • Rufus Rhoades obtained $850,000 out of escrow through the Walkemplue Trust, an entity his wife was the Trustee of, and another $2,000,000 through one of the Escrows where his literally the “seller”.

  • It is unknown how much Guillermo “Bill” Morgan, Richard Percell and the others received.

  • 2003, Lee Mansdorf died, apparently from poisoning – video evidence from Harry Mansdorf proclaims Rufus Rhoades poisoned Lee Mansdorf.

  • Another multifaceted, multi-phase/part Escrow was run, orchestrated by Rufus Rhoades and Richard Percell.

  • The Magic 4 parcels were partially sold to Glen McMilin, with transfers from the California Department of Transportation, Whitebird and McClanahan of the same property.

  • Richard Percell obtained around $145,000 from the 2003 Escrow through his company, IMAGE N’ THIS, Inc.

  • 2004, Mildred Mansdorf lawsuit with Rufus and Harry where Rufus was deposed regarding the Walkemplue Trust and that transfer mess in 1996.

  • 2004, Giacomazza begins terrorizing and abusing Harry Mansdorf, then steals title to the Beverly Hills home and Malibu, further encumbering Malibu with $115MM in mechanics liens.

  • 2005, Norman Mansdorf dies under suspicious circumstances while Giacomazza was present at the home.

  • 2006, McClanahan lawsuit over the 2003 grant deed from her (of property she never owned).

  • 2007 Mildred Mansdorf dies under suspicious circumstances while Giacomazza was present at the home.

  • 2008, Elder Abuse and Fraud lawsuit against Giacomazza, default judgment entered for McClanahan.

  • 2010, Judgment rendered against Giacomzza.

  • 2010, Lis Pendens on the Malibu Property by Harry Mansdorf’s former attorney  John C. Torjesen.

  • 2010, first motion to vacate the McClanahan default judgment.

  • 2011, Torjesen obtained default against Harry Mansdorf in the suit despite arbitration then-pending.

  • 2012, Order for sale and actual sale of Beverly Hills home pursuant to McClanahan $12M Default Judgment.

  • 2012, Passing of Harry  Mansdorf, and Torjesen’s attempts to sell Malibu.

  • 2013, Unlawful Detainer Complaint by the purchaser of Harry’s interests in the Beverly Hills home, Quiet Title and Defamation fo Title cases, Sheriff’s Sale of Harry Mansdorf’s “no longer existing” interests in the Malibu Property – Torjesen’s levy was “after death” and Torjesen flat ignored Probate Code section 19300.

  • 2014 – Litigating on the Malibu and Beverly Hills properties.

  • 2016 – In progress.

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